Year 13 Careers Guidance Programme

Year 13 students will receive sufficient information gathering opportunities, resources, experiences and career appointments through their senior years so that they are able to make informed decisions about subject selection and the transition from school to work, training or tertiary education.  Much of this will be covered in Learning Advisory Groups (LAGs).



Year 13 will have individual Career appointments.

  • Bulls-eye online career planning tool.
  • Subject selection with senior staff members completed on an individual basis.
  • Individual career appointments – Year 13.
  • Gateway Programme – structured workplace learning with unit standard assessment.
  • Annual Waikato University Information Day visit.
  • Polytechnic visits.
  • Liaison visits from various institutions – Universities and Polytechnics.
  • Modern apprenticeships presentations.
  • Careers Website – 
  • Career Point – 0800 222 733.
  • My Careers – Careers New Zealand tool.
  • Careers Expo – Rotorua and Taupo.
  • Careers Roadshow – Great Lake Centre, Term 3.
  • JET Resources – Jobs, Education, Training resource.



Students in Year 13 will benefit from the Career Programme offered in the following ways:


  • Identify their own vocational interest areas and personal attributes required for these.
  • Have a clear personal career plan with goals.
  • Develop a strategy aimed at achieving these goals.  Prepare an action plan.
  • Year 13 Destination Unit completed at Year 13 Leadership Camp, February.
  • Be prepared through subject selection with senior staff and knowledge of entry requirements to achieve these goals.
  • Explore thoroughly career pathways and training opportunities for them as individuals.
  • Year 13 will receive all University and Polytechnic enrolment information required.
  • Have knowledge of the world of work they will be entering and projected change in the labour market.
  • Know which information sources are reliable, up to date and available to them.
  • Be mentored in whānau to assist them to achieve their goals.
  • Have access to Breakout - Scholarships database.
  • Study Link information for loans and allowances.
  • Receive information regarding apprenticeship, cadetship and employment opportunities.

Useful Resources for Students, Parents and Caregivers

Mrs Kay Grant – Careers Advisor

Ms Hilary Graham – Guidance Counsellor

Career Website at

Career Quest – networked through computer suites and learning resource centre

Career Point – 0800 222 733

Occupational Outlook – free app

NCEA Pal – free app

Taupo-nui-a-Tia College Student Centre – careers information and displays

Mrs Palmer – Gateway Administrator

Bulls-eye online career planning tool

MyBlueprint – App (NCEA records, diary and career planner)