Taupo-nui-a-Tia College is now reporting on junior progression using National Curriculum Levels (NCL). The reporting system we have chosen aims to retain continuity between primary, intermediate and secondary education. This transition has become even more pertinent since the government’s announcement to discontinue National Standards in primary schools. The points below will explain how to read and interpret the new report.

Subject Specific Skills Curriculum Levels:
When reporting on Curriculum Levels, the higher the number, the higher the curriculum level. Students are expected to move through these levels as their schooling progresses. We have provided a guide to illustrate standard progression against national expectation. In addition, subjects will now report on levels of progress within Curriculum Levels.

  • B = Basic: the student is working at the beginning of the curriculum level
  • P = Proficient: the student consistently and confidently meets the curriculum level
  • A = Advanced: The student has mastered the skill or understanding at that curriculum level, and is ready to move to the the next curriculum Level
  End of Yr8 End of Yr9 End of Yr10 End of Yr11
Arts 2A-3B 3B-4P 4A-5A NCEA L1
English 3P-4B 4B-4A 5B-5A NCEA L1
Health and PE 2A-3B 3B-4P 4A-5A NCEA L1
Languages 1B-4B 1B-4B 2P-5P NCEA L1
Mathematics 3P-4B 4B-4A 5B-5A NCEA L1
Science 3P-4B 4B-4A 5B-5A NCEA L1
Social Studies 4B-4A 5B-5A 5B-5A NCEA L1
Technology 2A-3B 3B-4P 4A-5A NCEA L1

While Level 4 is appropriate for most subjects at Year 9, and Level 5 for Year 10, there are some exceptions as follows:

  •  Students with special learning needs
  • Students who are learning a subject for the first time at college (for example, a second language) are unlikely to follow these trends.

Two results will be completed for each assessment. Evidence is obtained through a range a range of informal and formal assessment approaches.

  1. Prior understanding: Illustrates the students' NCL prior to any teaching or learning.
  2. Progression in understanding: shows the development of understanding following subject specific teaching and learning.