The Board of Trustees has decided that we are a uniformed school.  Students are expected to be in full school uniform travelling to, from and at school

There is no specific summer or winter uniform.  Any combination of regulation uniform may be worn at any time of the year apart from a Winter Jacket (See note Winter Jacket below).  Each item is expected to be in neat and tidy condition. All clothing must be carefully and durably marked with the owner’s name.  Non uniform items will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the day. 

You can purchase uniform from our online shop


Skirts are to be worn on the waist; the top of the skirt is not to be rolled. The bottom of the skirt is to be no more than 10cm off the ground when the student is kneeling.  A good guide is the width of the student’s hand, the skirt hem is not to sit higher than a hand width above the knee.  The back of the skirt is to fall freely and it is not to hug the bottom and the side pocket zip should open with ease.


The legs on the shorts are not to be rolled.


Only the official college beanie, cap and school scarf may be worn to or from the college. 


    •    Years 9 and 10 must wear school regulation PE uniform  (TNT PE top and own black shorts) and non-marking sports shoes.

    •    Years 11 – 13 may wear suitable sports clothing. (No part of the school uniform is to be worn for practical activities. 


A watch, ear studs and one other piece of jewellery may be worn.  FACIAL PIERCINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED.


Students are expected to be well groomed and clean shaven.  Extremes of fashion and hairstyles are not acceptable.  Hair must be of an acceptable natural colour to the Principal.  Hair ties must be plain black, white, brown, red or green.  Makeup and coloured nail polish is not allowed; only clear nail polish is permitted. The school will take action when grooming and dress are unsatisfactory.


Uniform can be purchased online through the website.  Go to the website www.taupocollege.ac.nz, click School Shop icon on left hand side to be redirected to Argyle Online.  The school office will continue to have a stock of socks, ties, hats and scarves.

You can find more information on www.argyleonline.co.nz/faqs

Need further assistance?  Live chat with Argyle’s customer services team online or contact them by phone or email

       0800 110 059                       [email protected]


    •    Black leather lace up ‘school-style’ shoes (please refer to photo), worn with school socks/pantyhose. Boys are allowed slip-on business style shoes. Sole height is not to exceed 2.5cm; heel height is not to exceed 2.5cm above the sole height.  No coloured sections, trim or laces.

    •    Black leather roman sandals (worn without socks/pantyhose) with a heel strap in place, or black “Rugged Shark” or “Lynx” sandals with a heel strap in place. No jandals or slippers are permitted.

    •    SHOES NOT PERMITTED ARE: sneaker/skater/sports/canvas/ leisure/casual styled shoes/jandals/slippers. 

If you are unsure, please contact the school office for clarification.

These leather shoes are permitted at school:

These shoes are NOT permitted at school – No CANVAS or SUEDE shoes


If you are unsure please contact the school office for clarification