Zone Information

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

Starting from number 4 Lowell Place, travel north along the lake shore line to reach Whakatonga Point (at the mouth of the Waihaha River).

From here, travel north-west, including all addresses on Waihaha Road, crossing State Highway 32 (Western Bay Road) at number 3985, and continuing north-west to reach the edge of the Pureora Forest Park

Travel north along the length of the eastern boundary of the Pureora Forest Park.  At the northern boundary of the Forest Park, head east to the intersection of Arataki and Henderson Roads.  Addresses on Henderson Road are excluded from the zone.  Travel north along Arataki Road to the intersection of Tihoi Road (SH32), capturing odd-numbered addresses on Arataki Road only.

Travel south along Tihoi Road (SH32), capturing addresses on both sides of the road, and all addresses on Waikino Road and Pakonui Road.

At the intersection of Tihoi and Poihipi Roads, travel along Poihipi Road, capturing addresses on both sides of this road, and including even numbered addresses on Kaahu Road to number 838 and odd numbered addresses to number 851 Kaahu Road.

Continue along Poihipi Road to the intersection with Tirohanga Road.  Travel north along Tirohanga Road, capturing addresses on both sides of the road, and including all addresses on Pokuru RoadSpencer Road, Okama Road and Paerata Road.  Continue along Tirohanga Road to 1687 Tirohanga Road.

Just south-west of 1687 Tirohanga Road is the intersection with Tram Road.  Travel south along Tram Road, capturing addresses on both sides of the road.

At the intersection of Tram Road and SH1, capturing addresses on both sides of State Highway One to 2177 State Highway One.   All addresses on Maroa Road are also included in the zone.

Continue along Tram Road to Tutukau Road.  Travel east along Tutukau Road to 1943 Tutukau Road.

From 1943 Tutukau Road, travel south to the eastern boundary of 351 Tram Road.  From this point travel in a straight line to the intersection of State Highway 5 and Te Toke Road.

Travel along Te Toke Road, capturing odd-numbered addresses only to 507 Te Toke Road.

At 507 Te Toke Road, travel south, crossing the Waikato River, to 1609 Broadlands Road.

Travel back toward Taupo along Broadlands Road, capturing odd-numbered addresses only, to the intersection of Broadlands Road and Centennial Drive.  Addresses 263, 291 and 315 Broadlands Road are included in the zone.  

Travel along Centennial Drive, and continue along Spa Road to the intersection with Tauhara Road, capturing all odd-numbered addresses and even numbered addresses 334 – 478 on Centennial Drive, and odd-numbered addresses on Spa Road only.

Travel along Tauhara Road, capturing odd-numbered addresses, to the intersection with Taharepa Road.

Travel along Taharepa Road capturing even-numbered addresses only, to the intersection with Rifle Range Road.

Travel south-west along Rifle Range Road to the intersection with Tamamutu Street, capturing addresses on both sides of Rifle Range Road.

Travel south-east along Tamamutu Street to the intersection with Gillies Avenue, capturing addresses on both sides of Tamamutu Street.

Travel south-west along Gillies Avenue to the intersection with Ngamotu Road, capturing even-numbered addresses on Gillies Avenue only.

Travel along Ngamotu Road to the intersection with Taharepa Road, capturing addresses on both sides of Ngamotu Road.

Travel north-east along Taharepa Road to the intersection with Puriri Street, capturing addresses on both sides of Taharepa Road.

Travel south-east along Puriri Street, capturing addresses on both sides of the road, to reach the pedestrian walkway on the western boundary of Liston Avenue Reserve.  Addresses on Liston Avenue are excluded from the zone.

Travel through Hilltop Reserve to Kurupae Avenue.  Travel south along Kurupae Avenue, capturing addresses on both sides of Kurupae Avenue, to Birch Street.

Travel north-east along Birch Street to the intersection with Kiddle Drive, capturing all addresses on Birch Street, Armstrong Grove and Birchwood Lane.

Travel south along Kiddle Drive, to the intersection with Napier Road (SH5).

Travel west along Napier Road to the intersection with Lake Terrace, capturing even numbered addresses on Napier Road only.

Cross Lake Terrace to Lowell Place.  The zone includes even numbered addresses on Lowell Terrace only.


More information about Zoning, and our out of Zone information can be found in our Zoning Booklet
You can enrol online on our Parent Portal