Taupo-nui-a-Tia College is guided by three values:  Whakapono, Wero, and Manaakitanga

Our 8 cornerstone values have been rebranded under 3 new values.  These values connect to the tupuna (ancestor) our school is named after.   His name is Tia. One of the meanings for Taupō is cloak.  When Tia saw the perculiar colouring and appearance of the cliffs by Hallet’s Bay, near Taupō he said something like, “this looks like my cloak!”  We are, Taupo-nui-a-Tia, the great cloak of Tia.

Tia was a humble, peaceful person who had his people at his heart.  He had mana and was respected by his people. He understood duty, and his place and role within the community.  He also respected authority.

Tia embodied the values of Whakapono, Wero, and Manaakitanga.

Whakapono – is about reflecting honesty and integrity in all that you do

Wero – is about showing courage and bravery in all school-related activities, and challenging yourself and others around you to be your best

Manaakitanga – is about respecting and supporting everyone around you, working well with others, and showing care and a sense of duty for others and the environment