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Trades Academy

Trades Academy @ Nui

Trades Academy is for senior students at school and provides the opportunity to combine school learning experience with tertiary learning. Students engage in vocational based programmes that also assist with gaining level 2 and level 3.

Construction & Infrastructure

Are you... practical, detailed, analytical, hands on, out-doorsy, adventurous, creative? This exciting and varied sector is for you if you like to learn by doing. There’s a huge amount of construction and infrastructure work to be done in New Zealand over the next decade including broadband roll-outs, national road building, energy, water/wastewater and house building. Be a part of building New Zealand from the ground up!

Manufacturing & Technology

Are you... practical, inventive, logical, a problem solver, analytical, hands-on, tech savvy, detailed? There’s an amazing mix of jobs across this sector to suit everyone. From hands-on production and assembly to cutting-edge research, from massive machines and busy production lines to individual crafts or computer design and more! This sector covers a range of working styles and options; with skill shortages across the sector. Begin your NZ certification or apprenticeship while still at school.

Primary Industries

Are you... an animal lover, outdoorsy, green fingered, environmentally aware, adventurous, sustainable, practical, driven? Does the thought of being stuck in an office scare the life out of you? Do you like the thought of helping our planet or working on the land? There’s a broad range of jobs in this sector, from hands-on farm work to environmental science. You could work in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, planting, growing, or tending animals, trees and crops.

Service Industries

Are you... fun, a people person, entrepreneurial, sporty, adventurous, health conscious, independent, a foodie? Services industries makes up two thirds of New Zealand’s workforce including transport, tourism, communications, trade, hospitality to name a few. If you like working with people, then you’ll be pleased to know there are growing demands for more educated and skilled young people just like you in jobs as diverse as hairdressing, culinary arts and personal training.

Creative Industries Courses

Are you... artistic, innovative, and creative and interested in helping others to see the world a bit differently by using art, images and technologies in new and exciting ways? Rapid changes in technology, art and communication are increasing the need for high quality, innovative, designers. Our proposed programme has a good combination of skills, techniques and practical learning. Students will learn to design and create digital images, generate concepts of their own (drawings, mock-ups & animations) to meet client briefs. The course content utilises different software applications that are mainly used in: graphic design, film making, game art, animation, 3D modelling.

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