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Principals message June

Principals message June: Tena Koutou katoa With term two coming to an end it is timely to reflect on all the positive activities and events that have taken place during this time. I have bullet pointed just a few of the events that come to mind:

With term two coming to an end it is timely to reflect on all the positive activities and events that have taken place during this time. I have bullet pointed just a few of the events that come to mind:

  • Academic Achievement – It is heartening to note that the majority of our students are focused in class and are committed to achieving NCEA.
  • The Senior Ball – A wonderful evening that was enjoyed by all. Our students looked superb and acted equally as well. The organisers can be proud of the evening.
  • Sheila Winn Shakespeare Nationals – The Taupo-nui-a-Tia College team travelled to Wellington and came away with a range of awards including: Outstanding Stage Combat Award - Tanirau Harrison and Jessie Read-Hatch. KAM Talent Actor Contract – for The Two Noble Kinsmen - Xenon Messenger.  The Bit Park Player who best Supports Other Players Award - Siaosi Tiueti – Bodyguard in Antony and Cleopatra.  Student Director Award – Atarua Doig, Olivia Hilton, Jarrod Lewis.

Music – Our chamber music groups did exceptionally well at the Bay of Plenty Chamber Music competition held recently.  The Glutes received a prestigious Highly Commended award along with the KBB award for their performance of Richard Paull’s composition called Different Shades of Summer. On guitar: John Gidlow, Samantha Jones, on flute: Mia Bohan and Molly Wyatt. Tutored by Jo Paull. 

  • Kapa Haka group (Te Awhiorangi) – This is a very young group this year (average age 14.4yrs old) but they have represented their school with pride drawing lots of praise whenever they have performed this term. They are currently practicing long hours for the regional Kapa Haka competition in Rotorua.
  • School Sport - Throughout the term I have witnessed our top sports teams through to our social sports teams playing for their college with pride and determination. Worthy of mention are the equestrian team who are beating some of the best teams in the country.
  • Cornerstone Values – I have been heartened to see our students model our Cornerstone values. This term the focus has been on “Consideration and Concern for Others” and their response to the Christchurch shooting was both heartfelt and genuine.
  • Spirit Week – This has become an institution over the last two decades and our students are busy organising this year’s event. The aim of Spirit Week is to foster school spirit, to encourage students from different year groups to work together and to bring our community together to share a good laugh!

Mobile phones were a topic of a recent staff meeting. Considering the fact a number of schools have banned them from school, I thought it is something worthy of discussion in our community. Staff were asked to identify the advantages and disadvantages of having phones both in class and in the playground. The advantages centered around devices being used as a learning tool along with more mundane uses such as a calculator, dictionary or calendar. The disadvantages however far outweighed the advantages with “causing distraction in class” at the top of the list. Other points raised were that they have the potential for cyberbullying, they are addictive, they cause antisocial behaviour at lunchtime and can cause health issues.  I would welcome your thoughts on this issue because if we considered a ban or some sort of blocking application we would need your support.  It is worth noting that schools that have banned phones have listed a number of positive consequences and have not regretted it.

Chris Marshall leaves at the end of this term to take up a journalism job. Chris has taught at the college for 14 years and as well as being an accomplished English teacher he has helped develop Volleyball in the school, tutored and supported music in the school and been the editor for the school magazine. Chris is also volunteered his services to recycling waste generated by the college. I wish him well for the future.  Also leaving is April Heath. April has made a positive impact as an Outdoors Education Teacher and we will miss her expertise and passion for the outdoors that she has readily shared with students and staff alike.

I would like to thank the members of the Taupo-nui-a-Tia College Board that are stepping down from their duties having served three years. Matt Jensen has been an enthusiastic member of the board who was around the board table for the right reason – that being for the betterment of the college. Likewise, Sue Maclean brought a lot of expertise to the group and always ensured the boards systems and procedures were up to date. We are fortunate to have Lorraine Kerr re-elected back onto the board - she has a wealth of knowledge regarding school governance. We look forward to welcoming new members Karl Bishop and Richard Boyd.