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Online Course information and option selection

Increasingly, the school website is becoming the central hub for all college information. We are continually working towards improving its functionality. Most whānau would have used the website to book whānau interviews and to recently review reports. As we move into the latter half of Term Two, we will be publishing another set of reports as well as moving our course booklet and course selection online. The benefit of moving away from paper is the dynamic nature of an online presence. As a school, we frequently review and update our school and classroom curriculum and we require a platform that can reflect these changes throughout the year.

Online course selection via the website will enable students to view all courses available within the college, giving access to:

  • career pathways and links to work ready links
  • review subject prerequisites and corequisites
  • identify assessment requirements and dates for each course.

Having this information available for a longer period of time, will enable students to make informed decisions and discuss their future pathways with whānau, who will also have access to the online information. We are working towards course information and online selection being available in the latter half of this term.

Once students have made decisions on their future pathways, and relevant subjects that will lead to academic success, students can make and alter their choices as many times as they would like up to the middle of September. To access course information, whānau and students can log in via the lock symbol on the left of the website landing page, which will lead to your dashboard.  The ‘option selection’ button will open a new tab on your screen giving you numerous options to view.

  • Courses/Faculties: will open all available options filtered by faculty. Subjects within the faculty’s tabs are split in two. At the top of the screen, are year group relevant options and the course below show all subjects within that faculty. Once course selection is open, students and whānau will be able to select relevant subjects from this area.
  • Courses/My Course: once subjects have been selected, a timetable will build up in this area. Students will be able to edit course selections up to the middle of September.
  • Courses/Course for me: shows all year and level relevant course in a large grid.
  • Whilst in this area of the website, you could also investigate ‘my learning pathway’ to set personal termly goals and track your progress. ‘My assessments’ is a work in progress for 2020. This area will show students approximate assessment dates for current timetabled courses.