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NCEA Announcement

On 13 May, the Minister of Education made a significant announcement around NCEA. The Minister’s announcement had three major parts:

What this means for students at Taupo-nui-a-Tia College


  • NZQA will no longer be requiring fees from domestic students
  • Students who have already paid NZQA fees in 2019 will have their school accounts credited.
  • If you require further transfer of the funds please contact the school office (ph 376 1100).
  • Fees paid prior to 2019 will not be refunded

NCEA Online

  • NZQA has been progressively offering more opportunities for digital assessment as the impact of technology in learning and our everyday lives increases.
  • 14 NCEA subjects will offer digital external assessments in 2019.
  • If a student’s teacher feels the subject has been taught in a manner where the student will benefit from a digital assessment, the student will be offered the choice of digital or paper assessments (if the subject is 1 of the 14).

NCEA Review

  • The final changes will not be announced until November and at present details are not clear.
  • The proposed timeline of changes is:


2020    Draft Level 1 Achievement Standards and Assessments

2021    Trialing and Revision of Level 1

            Draft Level 2 Achievement Standards and Assessments

2022    Transition using old and new at Level 1

Trialing and Revision of Level 2

            Draft Level 3 Achievement Standards and Assessments

2023    Level 1 Fully implemented

Transition using old and new at Level 2

Trialing and Revision of Level 3

2024    Level 2 Fully implemented

Transition using old and new at Level 3

2025    Level 3 Fully implemented