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Coen Nicol--National Champ!

Coen Nicol places first at Cycling New Zealand’s Cycle Cross Nationals

Recently, Coen Nicol attended Cycling New Zealand’s Cycle Cross Nationals held in Upper Hutt, Wellington. Cycle Cross was started as a winter sport for road cyclists in Europe and consists of a more sturdy road-type bike, fitted out with skinny mountain bike tires. Normally there are obstacles, mud, sand, and plenty of places where you have to get off your bike. These top European races can attract over 50,000 spectators.

Coen (16) was competing in the Under 19 (junior) age group, as ages are taken for the end of the 2022 year. In a course that was extremely muddy due to a week of rain and heavy use leading up to the race, he managed to get ahead early and kept pushing until the end resulting in a substantial lead. In places, the course was too muddy to ride and other parts had barriers that required a dismount and bike carry--all par for the course!

Placing 1st makes him the New Zealand National Champion for Cycle Cross (CX). It was especially pleasing as this is a race sanctioned by the governing body of cycling (UCI) so gives him points and recognition on an international level. UCI sanctioned races are very rare in NZ and only apply to U19 ages up, so this is an incredible achievement! 

For now, though, it is back down to earth and undertaking the mammoth task of cleaning his bike!

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