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Adventure Racing: Hillary Outdoors Macpac Rogaine Series

Adventure Racing: Hillary Outdoors Macpac Rogaine Series

On Wednesday 14th of April,  our Year 9 and 10 adventure racers headed to Rotorua for the Hillary Outdoors Macpac Rogaine Series. A number of these events are happening around New Zealand, aimed at secondary school students who want to develop their navigational skills and get outdoors for an authentic adventure.

This event started at the i-site in the Redwoods Forest. Students were given time before the race to plan their route, collecting as many controls as possible within two hours. If you were to collect all 30 controls you would cover around 21 km in that time. 53 Teams took part, coming from Hamilton, Rotorua, Whakatane, Reporoa, and Taupo. 

This was the first event for a number of our students, and their attitude and perseverance in fairly new race conditions was impressive. Over the past month, students have been using local orienteering maps to plan, practice, and develop their navigational skills. They are learning to follow their progress on the map and use stepping stones to make sure they are accurate and on the right track. 

Well done to Ethan Staddon, Joe Brown, Emma Staples, Finn Wigram, Amber Nicol, Oran Hammersley, Solal Mourot, George Simpson, Indie Baker, and Amelia Beavon!

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