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24 February 2022 Covid Statement

Tēnā koutou katoa

We wish to advise that this afternoon our first COVID-19 cases were confirmed by the whānau of students. As we are dealing with large amounts of misinformation, their actions and quick communication was greatly appreciated.

You’ll be aware that the Government announced that we are moving into Phase 3 of the response to Omicron. In Phase 3, only household contacts of confirmed cases are required to self-isolate. The isolation period will be 10 days. All other contacts of COVID-positive people are not required to isolate, 

For all students:

1. We need to reinforce strongly that the use of masks is mandatory and to be worn at all times when indoors at school to help us keep safe.

2. You are advised to stay vigilant and if your child develops symptoms then you need to isolate and stay at home. If you have access to a RAT – Rapid Antigen Test, then take advantage and test or visit the “testing station” and get tested.

We will work together to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Richard Murphy

Acting Principal

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