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Katoa Po Orienteering

Recently, a team of 10 students and one teacher from our school competed in the Katoa Po orienteering event. This event included a 3 hour night Rogaine, along with a 90 minutes day Rogaine, and Taupo nui-a-Tia flourished in both categories!

Kasper Lenoir and Fletcher Norris ended on a very creditable third place in the competitive 2-person team event, with a total of 2710 points.

Julia Leusink, Izaak Manders, and Ethan Staddon won their category in the 3- 4 person teams, with 2040 points, while Lilja and Luca Tinworth ended second in this category.

The winners of the 3-4 person teams were another Taupo nui-a-Tia team, “Taupo Red” (Julia Leusink, Izaak Manders, and Ethan Staddon), who won the big prize of a weekend training session that goes to the best mixed-school team.  It was only during the final Sunday morning Rogaine that they overtook the family team, “Urgent Request” (Fenella, Lilja, and Luca Tinworth), who came second in this category. Our junior team of Austin Gibson, Lochie McGeough, and Riley Staddon also had a great night and came away with a lot of good memories. 

Great work, everyone!

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