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Cross Country 2022

On Tuesday, our students headed out to race in the highly competitive Cross Country event. This was met with a lot of enthusiasm from our runners, and the races were close! Congrats to everyone who competed on the day.

Junior Boys

1st – Micah Hilton        
2nd – Oliver Barnett
3rd – Louie Cameron        

Junior Girls

1st – Alex Milne        
2nd – Lilie Ishikawa
3rd – Jasimyn Jones    

Intermediate Boys

1st – Ashton Upfold        
2nd – Joe Brown
3rd – Tawhai Donaldson    

Intermediate Girls

1st – Leah Kilmister        
2nd – Keyla Olsen
3rd – Rocio Dysart        

Senior Boys

1st – Kasper Lenoir        
2nd – Sasha Parize-Baker
3rd – Ty Christensen        

Senior Girls

1st – Momo Ishikawa 

2nd – Maggie Putt 

3rd – Tatiana Peachey    

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