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High praise for Daffodil Day volunteers

We are privileged to have such wonderful students at our kura! When we get comments like this, it warms our hearts with pride for all the good our students are doing. 

Huge thanks to these incredible students for all of their efforts. 

Lynne Wu

Alex Milne

Amelia Beavon

Merrily Sowerby

Talia Hayes

Grace Hura

Daisy Ho

Daniel Fletcher

Milly Walker

Leroy Walker

Malin Burley

 A summarized version of praise received for our Daffodil Day Volunteers:

I am writing to tell you that, once again,  I have had the honor of working with your young people. 

Each year, I  work with the Cancer Society and your school to arrange for "Nui" students to help collect for the Daffodil Day Cancer Appeal in Taupo.

The amazing generosity of this year's students is that it was not a school day, meaning they volunteered their own time to support the Cancer Appeal. Their presence, therefore, alters the oft-held community perceptions that teenagers are all about "me! me! me!" and the behavior of this year's eleven students was exceptional, especially as they were a mixture of years 9 & 10.

It warmed my heart to witness these young people being proudly visible on the streets of Taupo, supporting such an important charity, with bright smiling faces, courage, enthusiasm, and a willingness to stop and listen to the stories from people with their own cancer experiences.  It was a welcome sight and I thank the school and their parents for encouraging and developing such virtues. "

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