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Water safety advice for the summer

Water safety advice for the summer

Kia ora

As the school summer holidays and warmer weather approach, we, the Lake Taupō Harbourmaster Team, want to make sure our tamariki all have a safe and enjoyable summer.

We can achieve this by helping them understand how to identify that there are safe place and not so safe places to cool off in our pristine waters.

The Taupō Harbourmaster Team assist police with emergencies on the lake and river. Every year, there are near misses and fatalities in the Waikato river which are totally preventable with better understanding and a greater respect for our waters.

Below we have identified some of the ‘hot spots’ for cooling off in the Taupō district and best practice in these areas.

Great Lake Taupō


  • Lake Taupō has six designated areas for swimming only. These areas are marked with white and black banded posts ashore and white buoys with black writing in the water.
  • No vessels are allowed to enter these areas.


Taupō Boat Harbour – Navigational Channel

Not Safe – Prohibited No Swimming

  • Swimming is prohibited in the entire area for good reason, the same reason you do not play on roads. Vessels navigate up and down the entire area.
  • Please read and obey the warning signage. It is there for one reason, safety. (Refer to map below identifying the Taupō Boat Harbour Navigation Channel*).


Waikato river – North of Control Gates to Huka Falls

Caution Advised

  • A basic understanding of rivers and a healthy respect for the power of moving water can help keep you and your friends safe.
  • When swimming in a river, always check for hazards (such as floating timber) up and down stream and avoid pools that run out into a stretch of rapidly moving water.
  • Never jump or dive into a river without being sure of what’s below the surface, to avoid spinal or head injuries.
  • If you get caught in the current, don’t fight it, but head downstream to a suitable landing area.
  • Always tell someone where you are going, go with friends and take at least two waterproof forms of communication with you.
  • Please read and obey the warning signage. Again, It is there for one reason, safety.


Let’s make this summer and all subsequent summers safe.



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