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Year 9 Fashion Technology class get creative with online challenge

A lack of classroom is no deterrent for these ambitious students. The year 9 Fashion Technology class have recently been participating in 'style challenges' where they need to choose someone in their bubble and style them. There were some great fashion decisions being made, with some students thinking outside of the box on which family member to style--a few furry friends got quite the dramatic makeovers! We loved seeing these pictures, and appreciated the creativity and fun that the students have put into the challenge. Keep up the great work!

Student comments on their style choices:

Nia -  This is my little sister. I gave her a plain white shirt, blue shorts and a pair of vans. We let our hair down because it was windy and we thought it would look cool. 

Sara - This is my dog and we chose a winter theme because we are going into the colder season. We chose our big puppy Boston because he has a lot of fluff and we thought it would be cute. 

Sophie - I designed an outfit for my younger brother Flynn. I went with a warm blue theme, giving him a plain black shirt, a light blue jacket, and blue denim jeans. He also has a brown straw hat and white converses, and a pair of sunnies to tie it all together.

Danica - Today I am dressing my mum in an emerald green faux leather jacket. I am building this design around the emerald colour jacket which matches my mum's skin tone. I've added some denim styled jeans that compliment the jacket. I've chosen boots and a handbag which are made out of Springbok leather and match each other as they are both a golden brown. To tie the whole outfit together we have a vibrant blue and green scarf which is made of silk. 

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