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Karate - Rising Stars

Grace Hura and Te Aomarama Ryan practice Shotokan Karate at the Turangi Dojo and have been achieving highly at recent events. They now have their sights on amazing overseas adventures!

NZ Nationals - 13-15yrs Black Belt Girls

Te Aomarama Ryan -  1st Kata + 3rd Kumite + 2nd Dojo Team Kata + 1st Women’s Team Kumite + Special Award for Best Technique across everyone in the competition

Grace Hura - 2nd Dojo Team Kata + 1st Women’s Team Kumite

Grace Hura - TSKF Australia/Adelaide competition

Silver Individual kataBronze Dojo Team,  kataBronze NZ National Team,  kataBronze NZ National Team kumite

Grace and Te Aomarama are off to the International Shotokan Karate Federation Masters Camp in Philadelphia, New York on the 8th of June.  We hope you travel safely, soak up everything you can in New York City, and from the world-class instructors you will be exposed to!  

Watch out for these two on their journey to Worlds, in August 2024 in London!

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