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Year 9 'Game On'!

On Friday 25th November, the Year 9 Cross-Curricular Course 'Game On' finally got to hold their mini-games tournament with 125 students from St Pats. This is the culmination of a semester's worth of work in the combined Social Studies and PE course. During our weekly visits, we have worked with Y4-6 students at St Pats, building skills, and knowledge of countries. Our students have worked in small groups alongside their St Pats 'country teams' forming relationships, building leadership capabilities, and developing organisational skills as we prepared for running this full-day mini-games tournament. Unfortunately, the recent unsettled weather played havoc, but we managed to run half a day of games. We started with an opening ceremony and a parade of nations, before rotating around the games, and awarding bronze, silver, and gold certificates in our closing ceremony. Thanks very much to St Pats for allowing us to spend time with you over the last few months - we have made some special friends and created awesome memories!

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