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Junior Speech Competition 2022

Tukua kia tū takitahi ngā whetū o te rangi
Let each star in the sky shine its own light

We are incredibly proud of our Year 9 and 10 students who have recently participated in the Junior Speech Competition. Each competitor presented with confidence and the calibre of speeches was outstanding. In Year 9, Merryn Gibson took out 2nd place, while Leroy Walker placed 1st. In Year 10, Alex Milne earned 2nd place, and Tawhai Donaldson placed 1st. Well done to everyone who competed!

Y9 Speech Finalists 

Willow Allum 

Ben Partner 

Greer Dixon 

Merryn Gibson - 2nd 

Isaac Ramsay 

Adah Williams 

Lillie Ishikawa

 Caleb Dixon 

Leroy Walker - 1st

10 Speech Finalists 

Julia Tatapu 

Mia Way-Ferguson 

Adam O’Leary 

Alex Milne - 2nd 

Patrick Fowler 

Vanya Heaslip 

Daniel Fletcher 

Renata Pazzelli 

Abbie Dance 

Tawhai Donaldson - 1st  

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