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Drumming up some fun with Darren Mathiassen

On Friday, Nui music students were privileged to have a special visit from Darren Mathiassen, who plays in multiple bands, the larger being ShapeShifter, and Kora. The Year 11 class, along with a few year 9 and 10 drum students, gobbled up Darren’s wisdom, and his presence also got the attention of some year 13 drum students. Darren discussed important topics with these up-and-coming drummers, including the importance of theory in drumming, and questions such as, 'does gear matter?' He also brought up the subject of stage fright, which forms a big part of being a musician. He explained the differences between performing on a big stage and performing to a small group of people, especially when they are your peers. It was a hugely beneficial experience, and our students are all very grateful to Darren for coming in to share his knowledge.

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