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Nui certainly does have some tough guys and gals!

Taupo nui-a-Tia sent a large contingent of PE students to the Tough Guy/Gal Mud Run in Rotorua last week. These students smashed it, with some excellent results coming out of a tough course in some challenging conditions. 

Coen Nicol 3rd Overall 

Leah Kilmister 2nd Junior Female 

Momo Ishikawa 3rd Senior Female 

1st place “Toughest School” Female 

2nd place “Toughest School” Male 

We are thrilled that, along with these results, we also had many more top 10 placings and excellent personal results. Coen and Momo gained an invitation to compete at the NZ Secondary Schools National Championships held on Saturday on the same course. We are all very proud of the efforts put out on the course and now we are on a mission to train towards earning "Toughest Teacher"......

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