Effective from 1 January 2019

Tuition fees:

One Term: NZD$ 4,700.00
Two Terms: NZD$ 8,000.00
Three Terms: NZD$ 11,000.00
Full Year: NZD$ 13,700.00

Homestay fees:

Homestay fee $250/wk (based on 46 weeks) NZD$ 11,500.00

Other costs:

Insurance based on 1 year NZD$ 580.00
Examination fees (for who wish to do NCEA) NZD$ 384.00
Instrument hire NZD$ 40.00 per term
Transport from Auckland to Taupo by shuttle NZD$ 350.00 return
Uniform NZD$ 250.00
Stationery Variable
Subject material charges (workbooks incl.) Variable
Sports fees Variable
Coordinator's fee NZD$ 1,000.00

Extra optional costs: (School trips)

Skiing (2 days) NZD$ 200.00
Surfing (4 days) NZD$ 500.00
Tramping (2 days) NZD$ 70.00
Mountain biking (3 days) NZD$ 80.00
Other subject specific trips Variable
End of the year program* NZD$ 250-500 for 5 weeks

Prices include:

Tuition Fees
Use of text books
Goods and Services Tax - GST
School bus fees up to $50 per term


*End of the year program is partly subsidised by tuition fees


Download our Fees in PDF