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Tuesday 4th
9.00am Y13 depart leadership camp
Tuesday, 4th February
Sunday 16th
NZSS Triathlan Champs
Sunday, 16th February
Wednesday 19th
Wednesday, 19th February
Friday 21st
BOPSS Senior Volleyball
Friday, 21st to Saturday, 22nd February
Tuesday 25th
BOPSS Triathlon
Tuesday, 25th February
Wednesday 26th
BOPSS Kio o Rahi
Wednesday, 26th February
Popup Globe
Wednesday, 26th February
Thursday 27th
BOP Tennis Champs
Thursday, 27th February
Friday 28th
Get to Go Rogaine
Friday, 28th February
Saturday 29th
Music Concert Auckland
Saturday, 29th February
BOPSS Snr Volleyball
Saturday, 29th February to Sunday, 1st March


Tuesday 3rd
Tuesday, 3rd March
BOP Athletics
Tuesday, 3rd March
Thursday 5th
10ODE Tramp
Thursday, 5th to Friday, 6th March
Defensive Driving
Thursday, 5th March 4:06pm
Friday 6th
BOPSS Futsal
Friday, 6th March
Monday 9th
10SAR Beach Ed Day
Monday, 9th March
BOPSS Golf Champs
Monday, 9th March
Y12 Bio Trip
Monday, 9th March
Tuesday 10th
BOP Touch
Tuesday, 10th March
Thursday 12th
12 Geo trip
Thursday, 12th to Friday, 13th March
Thursday, 12th March
Friday 13th
NISS Rowing Champs
Friday, 13th to Sunday, 15th March
Sunday 15th
12SOE Sea Kayaking 2
Sunday, 15th March
Monday 16th
13PE Camp
Monday, 16th to Wednesday, 18th March
13TAC Rafting
Monday, 16th March
Kiwi Forever - all week
Monday, 16th March
Tuesday 17th
Tuesday, 17th March
Wednesday 18th
12PE Camp
Wednesday, 18th to Friday, 20th March
BOP Showjumping
Wednesday, 18th March
Waikato BOP Athletics Suspended
Wednesday, 18th March
Thursday 19th
Parent/Teacher Mtg Cancelled
Thursday, 19th March 4:30pm
Friday 20th
Hangi Fundraiser
Friday, 20th March
BOPSS Snr Touch Champs
Friday, 20th March
Saturday 21st
12SOE Sea Kayak
Saturday, 21st March
Waka Ama
Saturday, 21st March
NZSS Open Water Swim Champs - cancelled
Saturday, 21st to Sunday, 22nd March
Monday 23rd
Defensive Driving
Monday, 23rd March 3:45pm
Tuesday 24th
NISS 7's and Quick Rip - cancelled
Tuesday, 24th March
Parent/Teacher Mtg Cancelled
Tuesday, 24th March 4:30pm
Wednesday 25th
BOPSS Swimming - cancelled
Wednesday, 25th March
Thursday 26th
Defensive Driving
Thursday, 26th March 4:06pm
Friday 27th
Y9 & 10 Climate Change trip tbc
Friday, 27th March
BOPSS MotoXChamps - cancelled
Friday, 27th March
Saturday 28th
13ODL Sea Kayak
Saturday, 28th March
NISS MB Champs - cancelled
Saturday, 28th to Sunday, 29th March
Monday 30th
Summer Tournament Week - suspended
Monday, 30th March to Sunday, 5th April
Tuesday 31st
Defensive Driving
Tuesday, 31st March
NZSS Volleyball Champs - suspended
Tuesday, 31st March
NZSS Waka Ama - suspended
Tuesday, 31st March to Thursday, 2nd April


Wednesday 1st
NZSS Lawn Bowls - cancelled
Wednesday, 1st April
NZSS Basketball - suspended
Wednesday, 1st to Saturday, 4th April
Thursday 2nd
Defensive Driving
Thursday, 2nd April
Spelunking - Line 6 Trip
Thursday, 2nd April
Music trip Pd 1 - Resthome cancelled
Thursday, 2nd April
Friday 3rd
Y12 Drama Camp
Friday, 3rd April
NISS & NZSS MX Champs - suspended
Friday, 3rd April
NZISS Athletics Champs - suspended
Friday, 3rd to Sunday, 5th April
Saturday 4th
13ODL Sea Kayak 2
Saturday, 4th to Sunday, 5th April
Sunday 5th
Y12 Drama Video Performance
Sunday, 5th April
Monday 6th
11SOE 1 & 2 Day trip only
Monday, 6th to Wednesday, 8th April
Tuesday 7th
Y12 Drama Assessment
Tuesday, 7th April
Interschool Rural Tournament Cancelled
Tuesday, 7th April
SGCNZ Shakespeare @ Tauhara
Tuesday, 7th April
Wednesday 8th
Wednesday, 8th April
SGCNZ Shakespeare Regionals
Wednesday, 8th April 7:00pm